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Location: Dallas or Houston Texas or UK location
Solomon, the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry, is seeking candidates for a Data Analyst position to work in a dynamic, fast-paced business environment. This position will work closely with energy industry experts to design and conduct industry benchmarking studies. While these experts provide in-depth knowledge of the industry, these experts must be leveraged by partnering with a skilled data analyst capable of processing large amounts of benchmarking data through various automation tools. Provide efficient handling and meaningful analysis of large amounts of confidential client data and generate customer reporting. Perform data analysis and results interpretation. Contribute to the improvement of analysis methodologies and participate in the preparation of benchmarking and other studies by contributing to study design and report writing. In addition, assess and apply source information related to operating costs, production efficiency and technical data by analyzing operational performance, identifying performance gaps and improvement opportunities. Assist clients in data preparation, identify client best practices, and provide study results interpretation.

Client data mapping and business rules development
Understands, maps and restates client data from raw formats to Solomon categories and characterization. Builds data collection rules to manage data transformation in support of benchmarking studies and data collection engines.

Data cleansing and quality
Reviews client data for missing data, out of range data and contradictory data across accounting, HR, plant/field production. Applies industry knowledge to identify and cleanse bad and inaccurate data. Works with client to clarify and correct the data in a timely fashion.

Initial data analysis for studies
Analyzes the client cleansed data using various data analysis tools (Excel, Tableau, Power BI, etc.) and industry knowledge to create notes for the consultants on the performance of the client’s assets and issues that they faced.

Data analysis for client engagements
Supports client consulting engagements by providing subject matter expertise and data analysis, identifying operational and business issues related to the engagement.

Data Analysis for projects and follow-on work
Creates custom peer groups for Special Data Requests (SDR), creates charts and tables to support projects and follow-up analysis from the benchmarking and consulting engagements.

Data analysis for research/white papers
Uses data analysis tools and statistics to review Solomon’s client data from across multiple regions, assets and over time to support research for white papers. Provides appropriate datasets to consultants for deeper details and analysis by SME.

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Solomon’s core business centers around helping clients optimize their operational performance. At Solomon, we help drive world-class performance improvement for energy-intensive assets. By combining our proven, patented methodologies with objective data analysis—led by experts steeped in decades of hands-on industry experience—Solomon is well positioned to help you identify and close your operational performance gaps…leading to greater efficiencies, reliability, and improved margins.